Saturday, October 23, 2010


I realized they were not my friends.
I realized,
They never were.

I realized I was the one to blame.
But also,

I realized that I could not trust anyone.
Not family,
Or anyone.

I realized that my love for them ran deep,
But that,
Was part of the problem.

I realized I couldn't fix everything.
That I had no one.

But most importantly.
I realized.
That none of it mattered.
I had all I needed the whole time.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Need to get out.

Need to get out.
Can't take anymore.
The stress is too much.
About to implode.

My thoughts are not clear.
Too much thinking of that.
I can't think of just this.
The focus is blurred,
Just need to relax.

Need to get out,
This routines killing me.
Although not outside,
This pain runs so deep.

Need to get out,
Away from this place,
Was once all I wanted,
No need to explain.

Need to get out,
The walls closing in,
One more day of worries,
Shall kill me within.

Need to get out,
Please look for the smoke,
My s.o.s is burning,
Put down the remote.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Life is crazy.
Life is blind.
Life can surely,
Make you lose your mind.

Life is not,
For the weak,
It does not give in,
Or kiss your feet.

Life can give you,
All your dreams,
Then suddenly take them,
And destroy everything.

Life does not,
Have regrets,
It will not,
Pay your rent.

Life can promise,
You many things,
But for all we know,
It's just a dream.

Life is great,
Life is fine,
Just don't let,
It cross the line.

Take control,
Take a stand,
Don't let life,
Ruin your plans.

So stand tall,
Take a step,
One foot forward,
It's not in jest.

Life will always,
Be here to stay.
So don't you go,
and run away.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Without you.

They are gone.
Just need to move on.

Listen close.
They're much too far.

Squeeze me tight,
It's alright.

It's all too much,
this cold black night.

Without you,
I will surely fall today.

Without you,
I am lost.
Never found no.

Without you,
I am something that I can't even recognize.

I am.
I am.


I hold this pillow tight.
Waiting for you to come back but I know it's a waste.

Of my time,
wishing bright,
sunshine rays will fill the night.

Oh no,
Oh god,
Why have you done this again to me?

Oh no,
Oh no,
These cold sheets can't live another day.

Without you.
I am lost,
Never found,
This world is dark and grey.

Without you,
I am nothing special without your certain ways.

Oh no.
I am nothing without your certain ways.

Oh no.
I am nothing.

Without you.


To the fakes.
The liars.
The cheats.
You can't hurt me anymore today.

To the sadness.
The insecurity.
The questions.
You've brought today.

To the thing I looked for but couldn't find.
Tomorrow's a new day for searching.

To the one thing that will make me happy.
That i don't have.
I'll be better asleep.

To the things we cannot change but will die trying to.
Leave us alone.
For the night.

Let me be until tomorrow.