Saturday, October 16, 2010

The dark.

Stay dark forever.
You keep your sun.

I'm fine with the cold.
Let the night stay with me.
So I may play in the moonbeams and starlight.

What's so good about it anyway.
All that sun and those sunshiny days?
I don't think I'll come out today.

The mist feels good to me.
Letting the fog course through my veins.
This night now fills my days.

Take the warm and and put it deep.
In my past,
no good to me.

At least I can be,
The best I want to be.
Without the sun makes no difference to me.

So goodnight and I'll think of you.
Running through the sand a quarter to two.
Let the moonbeams hit your hair,
crack a smile if you dare.
And I'll be right next you.
The cold,
The dark,
and you.

Nothing else can stop us two.