Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Until the end.

I've left you before.
I'll leave you again.
These tears no longer,
are worth your sins.
It's always this,
or always that,
this cannot be,
all that we have.

I know we can't,
turn back the clock,
of what you've done,
those days are lost.
But I can't help,
but sit and wait,
when you tell me,
you'll be out that late.

These thoughts run fast,
so quick and then,
I catch myself and catch a grin.
Because I've just let you,
win again,
wasted my thoughts,
on where you've been.

This road has been,
so long today.
I sometimes wish,
I'd have left that day.
When I found out that you had gone,
and done what I had feared you'd done.

It helps I guess,
to know somedays,
That it's somewhat my fault or it's just fates way.
Of telling me,
I'm not meant to be,
in a relationship is all,
not you or me.

Reinforcing my beliefs I'll say,
that this story is all true today.
But I will surely just move on.
Like always I'll be there for another dawn.
But you know this,
too my friend.
That whatever you do,
You won't offend.

Because I'm the winner,
it's not the end.
You'll surely see,
my face again.

Clean rain.

Rain pouring down,
take down this old frown.
Taking the burdens,
and pressures off me.
Feels so damn good,
to be getting this clean.

Steady and slow,
you perfectly flow.
No end is in sight,
not even oh no.

Your coldness inspires me,
it lets me be free.
From lifes daily frets,
and horrible things.

Rain please crash down,
bring even more.
One storms not enough,
To wither these clothes.
I'd stand here forever,
and let you cleanse me.
Cause forever it'd take,
for me to be free.

Thank you rain,
you don't even know.
How good it just feels,
to sometimes be cold.

I hope you return,
sooner than later.
Because I'll need you.
My friend.
My creator.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Lust is a fire,
a passion inside.
It burns and won't quit,
no let up in sight.
Burning so hot,
the meltpoint burns close.
Waving and weaning,
about to explode.
So hot is the flame,
cannot be explained.
Once lit it just burns,
and gets hotter,
each day.
This beast glows inside us,
won't ever go away.
It begs you,
pleads with you,
keep coming again.
My lust never runs out fuel,
oh god no.
It feeds on itself,
to burn even more.
Not only will it burn to the very bitter end,
It may even burn you then give you a grin.
Never satisfied Lust always needs more.
Won't ever regret it or show you the door.
I need it,
I want it,
I beg you within.
Stay burning forever,
Lust you are my friend.