Monday, September 6, 2010

Dying day.

I don't even know what I miss anymore
but I'm looking for it every single day.

What's left of what I thought I was
left me recently I'll say.

The days and nights all have gone so fast.
I wish they could just slow down.

Listen to my thoughts for once.
Instead of them fading in the dust.

I'm chasing something that's for sure.
But what it is I really don't know.

Because when I get home and sit down and think,
these words come from my soul.

And more than that the questions never stop.
Of what I'm looking for.

This life is so dark and deep.
For all us desolate souls.

Keep on moving is all we know.
We'll find ourselves I know someday.

Or maybe not and just keep chasing.
Our dreams until our dying day.

Go back.

When everythings right it feels like it's wrong.
The days and the nights so soon to be gone.

I long for the sense of what it is that I feel.
But now that it's here I don't want to be near.

Give me it back the feeling that is gone.
Because I just cannot move forward too long.

Without the tension that's deep in my brain.
My life seems to waiver, bend to regain.

Holding on to the feelings I've held on so long.
To lose them would be unbelievably so wrong.

Because they're what drive me every waking day.
The sadness, the emptiness, it fuels me most days.

To feel at ease is not what I want.
Because it does me no good the comfort I want.

See I've gotten to a place where we all want to be.
And now that I'm here I just want to please leave.