Sunday, August 15, 2010

Love everyone.

My god.
This world is such a sad place.
And the people wonder.
Why such a long face?
So simple to see.
And deafening to hear.
Yet nobody will stop.
And spread some good cheer.
I look through these blinds.
To find some sunlight.
But it never comes.
Fog fills the twilight.
I just want them all.
To know what I know.
And smile for once.
And just say hello.
Not turning your back.
On those who need you.
A handshake at that.
I promise they'll thank you.
The point of this all.
Is to think of them first.
The ones who you love.
And the ones that you don't.
Love all people.
While we still can.
Better sooner than later.
And never look back.