Saturday, August 7, 2010


The night grew dark from the twilight dusk.
layin down to sleep, was the quiet hush.
another day has passed,
another in the dust.
the days seem to flow together like a tidal rush.

Trying to slow down but no end is in sight.
i try to keep the time but my eyes are shut so tight.
hiding from what's real trying to keep the frantic pace.

The feeling that I get always seems to feel this way.
that the night's and the days may forever fade away.
unless something is done and the time should go slow my way.
my life will be fulfilled and I'll know all I need to know.

Until then I'll just stay in the race.
and work and work and work until I'm all red in the face.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Be bold.

Oh damn,
there I go I've done it again.
Jumped into love,
it's in her hands.

Given too much to fast ya know.
I think we've barely even said hello.

All I want to do is run,
run with you into the sun.
And love you deep,
so into you.
And never ever be apart from you.

Jump in with me, this deep deep pit.
And scream as loud as you can or will.
And let the wind flow through your hair.
Because life is about the dare.

Be quick to love,
and quick to hold.
Your love awaits,
if you are bold.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New ways.

My oh my,
could you have imagined this?
To be a part of something like this?
Such a big,
amazing thing.
Has knocked and knocked time to begin.

Open the book and turn the page.
The life you've begged for,
new chapter awaits.

Look out and see,
those crashing waves.
And say goodbye,
to your old ways.

Burn and burn and burn them down,
to live the way,
that you're supposed to.
Not even this,
thick pesky fog,
could deter you,
no way at all.

So run real fast,
towards your goals,
cause you've arrived,
and you didn't even know.

Another year.

A year has passed,
has come and gone,
so quick like that,
the time moves on.

Moving forward,
it's what we do,
looking back,
that just won't do.

So much has happened,
in small a time,
or is it small,
unless your blind.

Three sixty five,
a year has passed,
to just look back,
is such a task.

Asking why,
we did the things,
only to just sigh,
and smile and sing.

And for once be happy,
for all we do,
look to the sky,
and say thank you.