Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life without you.

My life without you means nothing.
It hurts me to the core.
To think of what we had,
and know what we had learned.

My life has forever changed,
now that you are gone.
I used to wake and think,
my god,
this is the life.

My life now has no meaning,
an end never to begin.
See without you in it,
I've already died within.

My life has crashed and burned,
like a jetliner carrying,
a million fireworks.
Each of them containing,
a portion of my heart,
that simply cannot function,
without your sweet 3 words.

My life has now stopped still,
since the last day I saw you.
The only thing that's left,
is for me,
to ultimately join you.

Run with me.

Run away with me.

Love is such,
a crazy, crazy thing.

Leave it all behind,
never to return.

And follow all the signs,
on the long and windy road.

Running so damn fast,
we haven't had a chance,

to even take one glance back,
to see what we once had.

Because it doesn't matter,
we've run so far away.

Farther than tomorrow,
forever and a day.

Anxiety demon.

This anxiety is a demon,
It'll kill you in the night.
Like a vagrant waiting on the
it'll sneak up on you with a knife.

Waiting and lurking,
In the shadows of the night,
Just in the waning moonlight,
It'll come after you with all its might.

Slowly but surely,
You'll wish you weren't there.
Until all at once,
You'll feel it in every hair.

Pulsing in your veins,
This damned thief in the night,
Has finally begun to kill,
Everything in its sight.

Make sure you hold on,
Oh so very tight,
For the one to finally catch you,
Is this thief in the cold black night.