Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lost love map.

You live through them and I don't know why,
when everything you want,
is in front of your eyes.

Always wanting,
something more,
your life is amounting,
to such a bore.

Basing nonsense of who has that,
instead of taking,
the love lost map.

Of a road,
that leads nowhere,
I'm telling you babe,
there's nothing there.

Don't live through them,
cause you'll look back,
and start to cry,
and say,
well that is that.

When you could have,
had all you've known,
was love to be,
in those eyes you've owned.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Love's not me.

Love is painful,
love is blind.
Love can easily,
destroy your mind.
You must not let,
it kill or burn,
it's far too easy,
for you to learn.

That it is all,
that there is.
In this life,
that we live in.

Love is part,
of a world disdained,
by grief,
and sorrow,
memories pained.

But I won't let,
it destroy me,
no i won't let,
love pleasure me.

I will fight it,
until the end.
Me and love,
no we're not friends.

Burn away.

I look into the night to pray to God,
but the fog won't let me get through.
Dear god, on this foggy night,
I ask for strength to fight....

My mind's grown weak,
I regret to say,
that I've lost sight....

Of what is true,
what is me,
what's to your delight...
I can't see through the fog rolling in,
it's much too thick...

I can't even tell,
what time it is...
Or where I am,
or what to do...
The fog's just to dense,
I can't undo...

Or erase those things I've done...
But I know you can,
after all,
you are the son.

So let it burn,
burn away....
So I can see,
another day...
And I promise to,
do my best,
make you proud,
and pass your test.

If it wasn't for you.

If it wasn't for you I don't know where I'd be.
On second thought,
to think of where I'd be would be an amazing sight.
Because you wouldn't believe it was me.

If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be the same person,
who you knew I could be.
Maybe I'd be dead,
or fighting for my life.
Or maybe sitting on the side of the road,
looking into the night.

If it wasn't for you I don't know where I'd be.
Loveless, helpless, and thoughtless.
For it was you who gave me love.
You who gave me hope.
You who gave me strength.
And you who gave me the courage,
to push harder when I thought I'd given my all.

Thank you.
Because if it wasn't for you,
I wouldn't be here.

Don't stop.

If you're feelin' it,
just roll with it...

Don't make it stop,
babe I want you on top...

Close your eyes,
and just ease your mind...

So I can take care of you tonight,
make love to you and make everything right.

You know how long we've been waiting,
I'm so glad that tonight...

We've given it another shot,
what was once just a try,
that all ends tonight...

So just roll with it this night,
and whatever you wanna call it,
it makes me feel alright.