Thursday, July 15, 2010

My baby.

My baby.
Oh kiss me so...
Make me fall to sleep you know.

Just how to touch,
and cradle me...
When I need you,
so perfect it will be...

The way that you,
touch my head,
could melt a thousand,
Earth's cores I said.

So kiss me right,
by candlelight,
and I will hold you,
this warm summer night.

Play with your hair,
and make you smile.
My god my heart,
feel's like it just ran 10 miles.

My baby please tell me,
what you'd like tonight,
let's be...

and book a flight.
To Paris, or London, or whereever your heart delights...

Because it doesn't matter,
as long as you are there...
My baby and me,
our love's affair.


Tell me this.
Tell me that.

Sometimes I want you to tell me that.
That it hurts.
When you say this.
I never thought,
it made you pissed.

Tell me now,
or never more,
because I'd never,
you were so bored.

I know that you once told me that,
you cared for me,
and I had your back.

But I can't come,
running to your door,
unless you call,
ain't that what our cells are for?

So talk me,
let's talk it out.
I can't continue,
to wait and shout.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I've stopped thinking about when,
and learned to enjoy now.

Life is about love,
happiness will be found.

What is faraway,
can live another day.

But family and friends,
are always here to stay.

You think you have the right to everything all at once.

But let me tell you this,
life's all about those minutes,
working those late shifts.

Because you will truly remember,
when you're looking back,
laugh a little laugh,
and say to yourself...

how the hell did I do all that.


He seeks solace in the stars.
Wish and pray and hope on the stars to guide his way.
Driving through the canyons,
young and wild and free they would eventually lead his way.

To a place he never thought,
would ever cross his path.

He seeks solace in the stars.
A shooting star would be so nice.
To warm a heart,
that's oh so cold as ice.
A burning star streaking in the night is all he asks,
to cure his mind from this fright at last.

He seeks solace in the stars,
to erase memories from his past,
ones he thought that would not last.
Of a childhood so shining bright,
the stars would even delight.

He seeks solace in the stars,
because he knows that they'll always last.
From Newbury to Phoenix,
they went so fast.
To this day where so much has changed,
but not,
because the stars remain.

He seeks solace in the stars,
to cure his broken heart.
To mend to brace,
to cure his loves he no longer waits.
They'll soon shine again,
to love not hate.

He seeks solace in the stars.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's fine.

What you think is crazy,
I think is fine.
Sometimes I just think,
the world must be blind.

How can they not,
see what I do.
Maybe they need,
a day in my shoes.

So misunderstood,
head down in my hood,
each step that I take,
my mood's cut into two.

One that understands,
and says give them a chance.
The others say fuck em,
and leave with a glance.

Of hate in your eye,
for them to see you.
And not always worry,
who cares about you.

These questions come to,
my mind everyday.
Yet I cannot say,
what's healthy these days.

I kinda give up,
on trying to try,
and just hope everyday,
that things will be fine.

Waking up.

Sometimes I have to wake myself up,
from looking at myself and realizing I don't know what I'm doing.

My head was here,
but my mind was floating away.
Up in the clouds,
in a swirl of white and blue wisps that never go away.

Sometimes I wake myself,
praying that everything will be ok.
But not knowing what is I'm doing.

Somtimes I wake myself,
from feeling too good,
so that I can feel bad and have some inspiration.

Sometimes I wake myself,
to tell myself I didn't do what I was supposed to,
but realize it's fine and that I may be going crazy.

Sometimes I wake wake myself,
from imagining what could have been or what could've been done,
but just accept that life is perfect as it is and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Sometimes I wake myself,
but wish I was still asleep,
because death may be better than constantly waking up.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

With me.

Leave me a whisper,
just don't take too long.
Tell me you love me,
by the words of this song.

Leave me right now,
but don't leave me forever.
I'll be your friend,
if you can be clever.

Love me tonight,
just don't say a word.
Feed me a lullaby,
so sweet are those words.

Swirling inside me,
your memories lay.
Locked up forever,
to come back one day.

I love how you tell me,
that we'll be just fine.
To call every hour,
and know that your mine.

Once more just tell me,
what I want to hear.
And I'll love you darlin,
and hold you so near.

What is it.

When you have it,
you don't want it.

When you don't have it,
you need it.

When you have it,
nothing can break it.

When you don't have it,
you'll break anything for it.

When you have it,
you have endless smiles.

When you don't have it,
The smiles have ended.

When you have it,
tears are wine and you swim in them.

When you don't have it,
the tears feel like they're drowning you.

It can conrol you.
It can frighten you.
It can deceive you.
It can make you.

But it,
is beautiful bliss.
It is me and in all of us.
It will live on through eternity.
It is the reason to go on living.
It is life.


And when you get it you'll understand,
that everything you used to think was true,
was not.

That everything you thought you knew,
you didn't.

That everything you used to love,
you've learned to hate.

The flood of life that used to create the joy and happiness,
is replaced by a sputtering endless question.

Strength and hope,
become fear.

Feelings of confidence and power,
are whittled to away to brittle sticks that crack in the wind.

It's not that it's your fault,
but it's the way it's meant to be.
See it's what you need to gain strength.

To build back what was once lost.
To regain your stride and finish your race.

To fight harder,
Get stronger,
Be tougher than you were before you lost it.

that is what you call living.