Saturday, July 10, 2010


The clock is ticking she says to me,
on what it is you're supposed to be.
A long, long, long time ago,
you should've have done,
what you were told.

But I can't tell her,
the mistakes I made.
Because you see,
they weren't mistakes.

I had to grow in strength,
then go.
To places where,
I didn't want to go.

In order to,
be a man,
like dad once told me,
"I know you can".

And so I did,
though the clocks now old,
make it through,
some bitter cold.

But now I'm left with what's too late,
a life that I just somewhat hate.
Because she says the stories told,
can't change the clock,
the hands don't hold.

So I've progressed,
but been pushed back,
I wish the time,
would freeze it's tracks.

So that I could,
catch up to it,
and live to be a happy kid.


I need some lovin' tonite.
Hold my hand,
Kiss me,
Let me know it will be alright.

Slip me on and wear me for the night.
I'll cover you if you cover me,
so much for waiting alright.

Drape me over your bare skin,
to cling and cling forever holding you tight.
I'm not going anywhere,
except maybe the bedroom,
living room,
or out tonight.

Give me some lovin,
damn I need you so bad,
I can't even fight.
This feeling that's got me,
it's out of sight.

So hold me closer,
and whisper to me,
all those things,
you'll do to me.

And make it count,
can't fight the fight,
of letting go,
cause' it just ain't right.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our forever song.

I'm writing you a song.
A song that will last forever.
One that blows through the trees,
and wakes up the leaves.

Rustles around and around,
and just when you're feelin' down,
Buzzes around your head and can
turn around your frown.

My forever song to you will always
be there.
No need to hit repeat, pause, or skip,
because it is the sweetest melody you've ever heard.

Melting your heart with every word,
You'll want to stop what you're doing
and dance and dance,
lingering in a twirl.

And when we're old and danced
together to our forever song,
you'll remember every word and
be able to sing along.

So when I'm gone,
Our forever song,
Will chase away your blues.
And know,
that I'm not that far...

I love you.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Your friends.

Your friends are not my friends she once said.
To think and think that there was some truth in a word she said.

Was not impossible to believe at the time.
Cause all she cared about was hers not mine.

I fell into a trap that they
Had set for me with love and play.

Only to fall into the pit.
The snare had caught me hanging with.

My heart opened to the open air,
and bleeding out so quickly bare.

For I had given it to them,
with open arms innocence was left.

But I will get the last word,
because my plan was always for me,
you see.

Just think while you were laughing there,
I was right behind the stairs.

Listening to everything you said.
And all the backstabbing words so cruely unfair.

But it's ok,
because I know.

That now you're living in your own hell you've grown.
From all the shit that you've said and done,
your life is now in ruins hun.

And I am fine,
and doing great.
A bright future,
graces my plate.

So I'll laugh now.
And can't wait to,
see the skies of my future,
such a nice shade of blue.