Thursday, June 24, 2010

The moon.

You shine so bright.
Not yesterday,
only tonight.

So bright the light on this dark night.
I can still see you shine through,
and it's not even midnight.

The barking dog will hush that's right.
Your beams shall invade his sight.
And shine your light on all of us.
Down here to bring your contenance.

Guidance and your loving care,
moon please help,
we know you care.
We'll celebrate your gravity,
and thank you for,
the light to see.

So thank you in advance dear moon,
for you know,
we love you too.
And we shall meet,
so soon again.
You me and this,
dark night we'll share.

Not enough.

Not enough money,
not enough time.
I feel as though,
I'm always running blind.

Not enough love,
not enough slack,
Sometimes I too need,
a pat on the back.

Running the race,
no time to turn back,
sometimes the anxiety,
will cause an attack.

Attack on you,
attack on a friend,
attack on all,
who's called me a friend.

I think I know now,
just what it will take,
to make what I call,
this life,
it's at stake.

I cannot blame them,
I cannot blame me,
the time has come now,
stand up and be free.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Breathe in deep.

I breathe in deep so I can take it all in.
The different colors of your light.
The sweet melodies of your song.
Put on repeat for me to enjoy.

I breath in deep so that I can have you with me.
And remember what it felt like.
Your breath on mine.
Your body on mine,
So good so right.

I breathe in deep to taste your lips again.
To put my forehead on yours and whisper those words,
once again.
and over.

I breathe in deep so I can know you think of me.
And hope that you're breathing deep too.

Monday, June 21, 2010

What I hate.

What's real.
What's fake.
I cannot say.

It's junk,
It's smut,
it's all I hate.

More trash,
More lies,
More pain and death.
Like destruction,
of this tv set.

Fire it up,
burn it down.
Who gives a shit,
it's all in vain,
these cuss and swears.

I won't miss,
what I hate.
What seeps will swim,
please let it drown.

The fascade we see will end tonight.
Off my roof,
into the night.


So this is what they call it huh.
Life's struggle,
like death,
just won't give up.
It's got the best all day,
wrapped up,
in shit,
they cannot say.
Or fight,
get pissed.
We have to stay positive they say,
what the fuck do they know,
Who are the they,
who how, what may.
This life is ours to take.
It's all a lie you see.
To make some money,
off the weak.
But I won't quit,
I know better know,
that lifes worth living,
too good to bow.
And call it quits,
just like the rest.
Of those poor schmucks,
we've laid to rest.
So don't give up,
go get some rest.
Tomorrow will be,
just another test.

Love's Loneliness.

No one will ever know.
These things I tell you,
oh please,
god no.
Because you see,
they cannot know.
What they cannot see,
unless they go.
I'll try to tell you without a sigh,
but from those who know me,
that's just a lie.
But it's me and that is just what I say,
most people may just not get it ok.
I cannot cry,
I cannot weep,
I'd like to try but fail,
just sleep.
I want to tell you,
all that I've heard.
But stumble when it comes to those damn words.
I know it sounds so familiar when the words I love you,
are always there.
But lonliness has part of me,
engulfed in love,
you see?
Its fantasy gets me,
through desolate times.
So I can sit,
and toy and rhyme.
And smile and laugh through the suns bright glare.
Just float and type,
pretend I'm there.

Love flicker.

I'm sitting all alone again.
This flame it flickers,
it's warm,
just sad.
Cannot believe that you're not here.
I'm sick of this,
you not just near.
Replaying actions,
unjust words were said.
You could have told the truth,
but fed.
Me lies of what once was,
our love of truth and hope as one.
But now I sit alone and cry.
Just wishing you were by my side.
I'll count the sheep and maybe just might,
til I fall asleep,
by the firelight.
Of this damn candle that is near,
it's flame is dancing,
dancing dear.