Friday, June 18, 2010

Faith & Trust

If you don't believe anyone,
you can never trust yourself.
If you can't trust yourself,

you can never have faith in yourself or anyone.
If you never have faith in yourself or anyone,
you can't possibly have faith in trust.

So trust yourself,
give others the benefit of the doubt for the most part,
and know that no one will be perfect,
but have faith that they will at least do their best.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'd rather.

I'd rather sit and listen to you sing.
Then go to work today.
I'd rather laugh and smile and play.
Than miss a kiss from your sweet lips anyday.
I'd rather walk on glass,
Or fight the blasts,
and walk 18 billion miles
than not see you at all today.

I'd rather walk with you down the street,
then curl up in a ball and miss you everyday.
I'd rather hold your head close,
and kiss your cheek,
and tickle your toes,
then have you away from today.
I don't think you'll ever know,
how much you are apart of me.
Cause' every single,
living day with you,
Is like a day in heaven,
no work,
all play.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Love clock.

It starts today,
but won't end tomorrow.
I wish you only knew,
this pain & deep sudden sorrow.
Sometimes it stings.
Most time,
it burns.
Like hot coals,
or ash,
pain cuts,
so we must learn.
The thing that heals,
just mind unwind.
The time,
the ticks,
the ties that bind.
But please,
don't watch the clock,
That time heals all,
but will not ever,
nor change.
Our loves memory,
so deeply rooted,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rooftop view

Up here from the rooftop,
the view is breathtaking.
The setting sun dimly casting it's rays over the pale white caps of the frigid Pacific.
I stand to call for you,
but there is no answer.
So you can also enjoy the view with me.
Now of the city lights,
Shining their bright reflection over the darkness.
I call your name louder,
but still no response.
I shout and I scream it,
What a horrible dream.
To stand up here alone,
On such a time as these.
Where all one wants is a touch, or even a squeeze.
A drop, shot, or gallon of love would be nice.
To share this view alone, is cold, colder than ice.
So think as you will,
when you're dreaming your dream.
And you better shout loudly,
Because there is no love in a dream.