Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Part of you.

I've collected so many bits and pieces
Sometimes it's so random the ways that they remind me of you.

A photograph here or there,
Someones smile or laugh, out of nowhere.

A face that looks familiar,
or even the smell of anothers hair reminds me of what I loved about you.

The memories are so faded now.
Once engrained,
they fail me now.

To provide an accurate picture of what it was,
that made us partners in crime,
me, you, and the sun.

Maybe it was the long drives we used to take.
Or working together and partying from dawn til dusk, til late.

At least I have those memories near.
Although the others are so far, not clear.

I still hold on to the little I have.
In hopes that you will find your path back.

To what was once a pure loves dream.
You, me, the sun, the sand, the sea.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I wasn't for you.

My thoughts run in circles.
For the eight billionth time.
On what I could have done different.
In order to have changed your mind.
I should have done this,
or should have done that.
I could have said this
or could have said that.
But really c'mon I'd be kidding,
If I didn't know it was just a matter of time.
I knew from the beginning,
that it wasn't sincere.
I knew from the beginning,
that I just wanted you near.
Someone to hold,
on those cold nights alone.
Someone to listen,
instead of wandering home.
An empty house cuts deep like a knife,
hell I think it's even worse,
than living a solitude life.
So at least I can sit here,
and be honest with you.
And tell you the truth,
I knew I wasn't for you.
The question still lingers,
for longer forever unanswered and remains,
Why, why did you do it then, if you knew it'd just cause pain?
I guess you can say,
I thought I'd just try,
to be me for me this time,
Who knows anything anymore,
at least I tried.

Good evening.

Good evening, good night.
Where's all the love gone?
Too much fighting and war and not enough love.
The gluttons and beasts and evil in this world,
Have taken ahold to never let go.
Good evening, good night.
Where's all the love gone?
Please god, help to end these miserable times.
Where women and children,
are even being sent to front lines.
Good evening, good night.
Where's all the love gone.
We try to contribute,
to give more and more each time.
But it's not enough to help,
we're needed more each time.
A child cries for help,
too many tears, and not enough time.
Good evening good night.
Where's all the love gone?
Yes, life will go on,
but as long as we try,
to better people,
we'll be just fine.
Good evening, good night.
Where's all the love gone.