Thursday, May 27, 2010

Song for you.

Strum your guitar for me.
The way you do so slow and sweet.
Don't hold back let it all come out.
The emotion and tears and fears
and doubts.
Can you feel it now?
Just kiss me right.
I'll be here,
Don't worry our loves so strong.
No need to fight.
I know we'll be together forever and a day.
Just like we said on the boat on the lake that hot, summer day.
Let's just lay here all damn night,
and after your song is done,
Breathe each other in and watch the rising sun...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet dreams.

Good sleep.
Sweet dreams to you.
I hope and pray, that you really do.
Rest your head now and fall asleep.
And night will soon become a dream.
A dream where we will never get old.
A dream where kissing you, lasts into the next world.
The world where we, can paint our own dream.
From spring blossoms, and neverending fields of green.
This night has turned out, to be just right.
Look now, it's turning light.
Arise and open your eyes to see.
Me next to you,
I told you this dream would be sweet.