Monday, May 17, 2010

Silent scream.

Sometimes silence is golden.
Sometimes it's sweet.
Sometimes it may be,
What you just need.
To find inner peace,
All that just might be.
Is a little silence,
seems ordinary to me.
But as I sit,
and time flies by.
The silence, becomes far much to bear. I cannot lie.
See I was brought up to think,
that silence meant thou shalt not speak.
But as days go by,
I'm beginning to think,
This silence we all long for,
is more like a scream.

Rainy May Day.

Rain, rain, rain.
You're such a welcome sight on days like this.
I love how you sneak up on us.
Like a thief in the night,
you slowly tiptoe your way here until you're overhead
and it's too late.
Yes, too late, but you're presence is welcome today.
Welcome to pour down in a torrential manner if you'd like.
Pour down all you want or your heart desires.
Washing away my blues.
Washing away my insecurities, and fears that come on a Monday like today.
your waters are indeed welcome today.
You bring peace into a day that could have driven a sane person insane.
Or bring a balanced person off their rocker.
The sound of you on my windowpane soothes me and brings with it
hope for renewal.
So wash it all away rain, on this day, you are welcome.
I feel better already.