Friday, May 14, 2010

The fog.

The night of creativity creeps upon him
like a fog rolling in slowly until it's so thick you breathe it in.
into your lungs
passing through your veins til it envelops your mind
and you become one.
Thick fog take over my body and mind
and take me away with you.
Take me with you over the ocean
So I can be free to float away over the cold waters
that drift and wane under the bright moonbeams that glisten off the
whitecaps in the middle of nowhere.
Take me with you to pass over the ebb and flow of your mysterious wonder
where I wanna be.
Away where the grass is greener and side is clearer than the oil thick ash air that I am breathing.
Take me away please until you burn off into the sun of the pure air on the other side.
Where it's warm and I can breathe again.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Burning Love

Kiss me with your eyes
closed you fool.
So I can open mine
to see your lips
on mine.
So I can see your
eyes shut tight and know
that you love me as much
as I love you.
Keep your body pressed tight against
so I can feel your heart
race and know that you're feeling
the same way I do.
Open your eyes now,
so we can look into each others eyes.
And feel the warmth of a burning love
that needs no words.