Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yours and ours.

You inspire me.
Your character.
Your talent.
Your mind.
Your heart.
Your warmth,
and voice soothe
my mind.
Come out and play.
Get out from under
the cold and constricting
rock you're under and be with me,
I know you'll be comfortable here.
OUR character,
OUR talent,
OUR minds,
OUR warmth,
and our voices we can both share together.
Soothing each other.

Melancholy Sunday

Goodnight Sunday.
Another week has pased.
7 days of not knowing what to expect.
7 days of an uncertain, mind swirling sequence of events that can't be predicted.
7 days of my mind running a million miles a minute,
unable to focus on what it is that I'm running towards.
168 hours of an indeciveness that plagues my soul so deep,
that it's imbedded into my core,
and wraps itself around my heart and is anchored deep with a side of guilt for all I've done.
But in the 7 days,
Sunday has come,
and my mind needs to rest.
So goodnight Sunday and crazy mind.
Only 10,080 more minutes until we meet again.


I don't know how to act or what to say.
Will you tell me so that I don't make a mistake?
I don't know what is good or bad.
Will you tell me so that won't fall?
I don't believe that you can or will ever change who you are.
Will you tell me if I've gone too far?
I don't know that you didn't like my hand like that.
All you had to do was just ask...

Song for you.

I want to sing to you to put a smile on your face.
So you can sit and melt away into
the reds and greens and yellows. Warm.
I want to make your heart do a double take,
that makes your knees weak, your eyes close, your lips pout.
Yeah, show me that unmistakeable gorgeous smile of yours
so that I sing not only to you,
but into your whole soul until you can feel mine too,
and through.