Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Love.

My love. So fair you were when I saw you.
Open the door.
But as fast as I saw you, you were gone.
Not as soon as you left, you came back into my life.
You were a dream, a fantasy, a love that I had been looking for.
So what happened.
We fell in love, quick, so soon, as if all other life before us had passed away my love.
You were what I sought.
You were what I wanted, you were what I loved my fair, my hazel, my beautiful love.
I didn't know what you had, or what you were, or where you came from.
I only knew that you were here.
And that I wanted you.
I liked you.
And for all those reasons only, I wanted to be with you.
My innocence for your love, I thought you would see.
But past events, unfortunately, would surely taint.
Please know, that above all, the aforementioned was my true intention of our love, and that I wish you may have seen or looked into my soul to discover who I really was.
But, as life goes on, I know that relationships, friendships, and love does too.
And as clear as the tears that stream down this dark and lonesome night,
I know that you were very special to me.
And that I will always remember you.

Heart Drifter.

I want to make your life a better one.
Think of something sad to make you happy.
Throw my heart off the pier into an ocean of darkness.
Only to have it drift back to shore for you to have.

No you won't have to wait for anything.
Because I will have already given you what you need.
Make it yours to have.
A beatiful orchid in a sea of oilfields.
And for you I would give it all away.