Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lost at Sea

Empty box, hollow heart.
Raindrops and tears.
Lonely promises of hope.
Unfulfilled emotion,
Bottled up like a floating,
Distant message; just out of reach.
Ebbing and flowing,
Again and again.
Lost at sea.
Lost at sea.
Lost at sea.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Pond

A sigh of relief,
Escapes as I sit by the pond.
Glassy, cool and clean.
If I could, I would sit here for hours;
Counting time backwards on the melting clock of life.
For days and for years,
For some even life;
Time passes by.
The wilderness, the wild creatures, all soothe the soul.
Yet we find a way to run away from the good things.
I could sit by my pond,
And not run away,
And kiss the ground I walk on.
Because I know it is good,
And I know that it loves me. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Moonlit Heart.

Bright star in the sky,
Shine's bright like a field of diamonds.
Stretching out beyond the skies,
Into the heavens beyond the light of Earth.

Playfully speaking in words unspoken,
Whistling sounds through the dim lit waters,
Bubbling up through salty foam and fading off
Into the night light of my mind.

Moon reflects into the shadows,
lighting the corners of my heart,
Stirring settled dust,
Like cold water to the face.

Breathing softly,
Achingly, lingering closely,
Unfolding gifts of life worth living,
light touches the untouchable from a distance.

Far away there's more to see,
Through a single star.
Deep and dark,
Moonlit heart.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The waves are crashing hard tonight,
They rumble the windows,
Cold and wet.
Misty haze and salty dreams,
Fill the air like a drunk breathing fire,
Chunky sand full of fleas;
Ones that you can't shake,
Because you can't tell they're there.
This damn black cloud,
Rumbling my windows.
I'm trying to sleep.
I can taste you,
On my lips,
Feel you in my veins,
The hair stands up on my neck to think,
So close. 
So far.
So hot.
Now cold?
This night lingers on,
The waves rumble.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fading Away.

The stars are shining brighter.
The planes are flying higher.
The shore is softly glowing,
The night is setting in.

The crickets are softly chirping,
The frogs alive and croaking,
The moon is dimly rising,
The day has come and gone.

The smooth sea is flat as ice,
The sand still warm at night,
The egrets loudly singing,
The Earth let's out a moan.

The palm trees softly sway,
The wind kisses the moon,
The dolphins quietly swim,
The summer fades away. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Morning Mist.

The morning mist fills the air,
Leaving a fine, film residue.
It comes to visit me on most days.
I step out onto the deck,
And take a bite out of the thick,
Salted air-
It fills my belly,
Satisfying and cleansing my innermost desires.
Many things and creatures make up what I am closest to.
In this world I speak to the mist,
Laugh with the birds,
And make love to the sky.
There is nothing and everything to say at times.
The world feeds my soul,
And I feed it,
Working together,
There is no need for words.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Living Mural.

I can see two small motorboats,
Floating in the fog soaked cove.
Early morning sun,
Still asleep under the grey canopy.

Pelicans pass by,
Calmly going on with their day.
Making themselves at home,
On the two boats floating at sea.

The egrets join in,
They're not far behind.
Majestically shining,
Their piercing, white coats,
A stark contrast against the dark blue,
Living mural.

I too want to float with the boats,
Fly with the pelicans,
And hunt with the egrets.

Make myself at home,
And calmly go on with my day.
Live my life majestically,
Amongst the canopy of grays and blues,
In the fog soaked hues,
In the living mural of nature.